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Company Profile

   Shenzhen Guanmei Technology Development Co.,Ltd, is one of  the leading coating factory specializing in the coating of Audio and Video Pancakes since 1980s. Guanmei has been the unique factory who has the ability to produce high quality video tape that is equivalent to the high technique of other leading factories in the Europe, America, Japan, and Korea since 1990s.
   With the magnetic coating technique and management experience, Guanmei has been investing in "Magnetic Stripe" which applicable to the production of various recording cards. It is made of high-quality and ultrafine particles magnetic powder to manufactured by advanced production technology, with excellent electromagnetic properties, which widely used in bank cards, trading cards, membership cards, hospital cards, door cards and other types of PVC card.
   Our company has high reputation in card industry. Since the past yeards our company has accumulated rich ecperience and market resources in smart card recording products (machines,material,accessories), giving customers a lot of business opportunities.
   We will keep our prime business objective "To pursue top quality products and services to maximize customer's saticfaction." If you have further enquiries on our products please contact us for more information.